“Ķemeru Anniņa” – powder-coated aluminum and stainless steel, 3,5m high, 2022, in collabotation with Kaspars Līdums. Photo; Artis Veigurs








etc…, continuous project with variable dimensions and increasing amount of objects, 2019







I Love You, soap and polymer plastic, 23 x 59 x 23 cm, 2018, in collaboration with Lineta Līduma






“Contract”, wax, cardboard, crystal eyes, 20 x 36 x 34 cm, 2018









Longing, six figure group sculpture, life-size, dimensions variable, wax and crystal eyes, 2018





Veteran, wax and a crystal eye, 51 x 31 x 37 cm, 2018





Scapegoat, 52 x 47 x 88 cm, wax, fabric, glass eyes, aluminium base, 2018





FAIL, stage for abandoned art, organizing and curating an exhibition in Helsinki, 2015








Fungus, plexiglas, plaster, organic matter, moist,  4 pieces by 250  x  20 x 4 cm, 2015






Widow, mixed media, 24cm high, 2014








Kivipiste (Stone Point), iron and river pebbles, public interactive work in Jämsä city, Finland, 2014







“Learn to memorize a face in few minutes”, public intervention in Helsinki metro, 2013









It is not here, interactive installation in Tartu Art Museum about Kaarsild (Arch Bridge), Estonia. 2013








Bananaman, mixed media, 30cm high, 2013





United Against The Enemy, installation for exhibition War in Latvia,, 2012





Trophy, 40x 22 x 40 cm, wax and Plexiglas base, 2012




choose me




Choose me, wax, 40 x 40 x 40 cm, 2012







Dream ball, alabaster,  15cm, 2012





(audio recording samples)

Recording Therapy, unrealized project  intended for distribution, 2012






Holding, cast iron, steel, concrete, 130 cm high, 2011






Impulse, video, 1:11 min, 2010







Dictum,  mixed media, 130 x 110 x 110 cm, 2010





Steps, flash animation, 0:40 min loop, 2010






Gesture, 40 mm iron tubes, 240 cm high, 2010





Exercise, steel bed, asphalt, 100 x 70 x 195 cm, 2007