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“Metro”, 2013 and ongoing , public intervention into the metro of Helsinki, Finland.

Learn how to memorize a face in few minutes

Follow these instructions: First pay attention to the shape of the face. Find the distances between the points marked in the picture on the left side. When he/she turns its head explore the profile and the depth of these points. Compare the proportions between the fields divided in the picture on the right side. Continue with memorizing the shape of all the parts of the face. Keep in mind that distances between points create the shape and don’t forget to observe the depth. At last find the characteristic details and pay attention to the structure of the skin and the facial hair.

Tips: Try to remember the face quickly, but be precise. Go through the stages of the synthesis and analysis many times, because he/she might leave at the next stop. Adjust your memorizing process to the situation by mixing the stages. Time by time look away and try to imagine the portrait. Think of what are you not sure about and return to your model to precise your image. You can use the reflection in the window when something disturbs direct eye contact. Concentrate only on memorizing the face. Imagine it as a combination of geometrical shapes. Try to avoid any biased thoughts about the person.


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